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One of a kind handcrafted clay magnets!


Each magnet is handcrafted and one of a kind with a shell or pearl chips to add some boho style to your fridge! Each magnet can easily hold up to 3 pieces of paper, extra strong hold. Magnets are sold in a bundle of 4.

** Each pair is handmade and unique in nature, but will look and be very similar to the photo. Pieces are chosen randomly in each style ordered**


To clean, gently rub with a soft, damp piece of cloth or wipe. Unscented baby wipes are perfect!

Polymer clay/Air Dry Clay is very lightweight and flexible/durable, but these delicate handcrafted pieces should be treated with care to keep them in like new condition for a very, very long time.


- polymer clay or air dry clay

- shell, stone and pearl

- neodymium magnets

Fridge Magnets (Bundle of 4)- PRE ORDER

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